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We geek out with no limits on Facebook @ProDataMan there will be posts about underwater hotels that have nothing to do with Programming, SQL Sever or DevOps but it will always be cool High Tech stuff…

Follow us on Twitter @ProDataMan to be notified when we add a new video to a Playlist on the YouTube channel. Currently Curating Cucumber Acceptance Testing Videos for a course I’m working on.  Twitter follower will get a notification every time I add a new Cucumber Video to the Agile Testing playlist.

The ProDataMan YouTube channel @ProDataManTrains focuses mainly on Information Technology Topics with Demos and How To Videos.  ProDataManTrains also Live Streams Agile and DevOps related topics from live courses.

On the ProDataMan blog we try to stick to Information Technology related topics.  There will occasionally be a topic too good to pass up like the recent sale of Google Assistant Smart Speakers at Best Buy for $29.  The Insignia (Best Buy’s Brand) Smart Speaker with Google Assistant with far better sound and bass response than the $129 Google Home.

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  1. Antoine, i decided to go back over the practice tests in the CI/CD module in the DevOps class. Need help in figuring the error message i am getting with the “Building Continuous Integration Pipelines using JenkinsFiles”. I did everything in the instructions but keep getting a status code 128 in Jenkins when I try a build. Any suggestions?

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