Insignia Voice Smart Portable Bluetooth Speaker and Alarm Clock with Google Assistant Multi NS-CSPGASP2 – Best Buy

I have a few smart speakers scattered around my place from both Amazon and Google and both have their strengths and weaknesses. However when it comes to usefulness as a nightstand alarm clock devices from both companies fall short.

First the Google home and Google Mini do not have screens to view the current time so you are left to ask what time it is and hope the volume isn’t so loud that you wake everyone in the house. The Amazon Alexa and Dot devices are no different.

The Google Home Hub and the Echo Show do better as they both have a display to view the time, photo and video content as well as other visual information. However both devices lack what i consider to be a crucial, make or break, deal breaking feature… A USB port to charge my device while I sleep! I would be happy with a wireless charging pad on top or in the back… But no way to charge my phone at all?? This is an absolute requirement IMO for a device to be considered for the nightstand.

This device however has a USB charging port to charge my phone. Charge speed doesn’t matter as I will be asleep for at least 4 hours… It has a screen so I can see the current time. And the alarms can be set with your voice so no need to fumble with buttons. For $25 on sale you can’t beat the price! You can’t buy and Alexa Dot or Google Mini for close to that (double that in most cases)

I’m ordering one now… I’ll update this post once it’s on the nightstand.


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