Airline club membership Is it worth it

On an early Monday flight I pretty much have the whole United club to myself…

If you have ever thought about United Club membership before I offer a little food for thought:

If you spend as much time at the airport as I do (or even way less) think of club membership in terms of free “faster” Wifi, free drinks, soups and salads as well as a relatively quiet space to relax or work and wait for your delayed flight.

Imagine this scenario:
You have an hour and 25 minute wait for your next flight or enough time to have 2 glasses of wine a bowl of soup (or 2) and a salad. While enjoying your wine and eating your soup and salad you return a few emails and finish that proposal on your laptop. What’s that your flight was canceled and you need to talk to customer service but so do the other 247 people on your flight? No problem go to the club and talk to customer service there “members only”.
So how much does all of this cost?
First let’s do the math…
2 airport glasses of wine – $18
1 airport bowl of soup – $9
1 airport salad – $12
Quiet workspace with space for laptop and faster wifi – $priceless

For a grand total of $39 actual dollars per leg of your trip plus at least $50 worth of less noise and airport DRAMA. What is your peace of mind worth??
So you get stuck on that flight from SFO to DCA and have to go through ORD because you booked last minute. That’s $39 at SFO $39 at ORD and $39 at DCA (Because it’s better to wait for your bags in the club with a free drink in your hand) or $117 each way. A grand total of $234 round trip. Did I mention you get a plus 1?
The membership is $550 which sounds expensive until you do the math. If you travel for work at least once per month club membership represents a cost savings. Or if you travel for fun with a companion more than 4 times per year or if you just drink and snack A LOT. You have a full year to eat and snack your way to your $550 membership fee.

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