SharePoint Blog Font changes when publishing from MS Word

If you are using Office365 and hosting a Blog in addition to your “Public Website” it’s a good idea to make yourself aware of the default Fonts and Styles and how they differ from the default Fonts and Styles in Microsoft Word if you are using MS Word to author your blog content.
Recently while discussing templates used to publish FaceBook Posts, Blog Posts, Articles, Courses and Labs the issue of the difference in appearance of certain Fonts and Styles as they are published to a SharePoint Blog from MS Word. There is a fix for this if you are willing to dig a little deeper but for the purpose of this post I will simply illustrate the key differences and a basic work around that will make your posts look as you intended when they are published to SharePoint.
When we start in Microsoft Word with the Font Styles in Figure 1 we end up with published content on our SharePoint Blog that looks like Figure 2.

Figure 1. Font Styles as they appear in Microsoft Word before publishing to SharePoint Blog.
First the SharePoint Blog Post Title uses the same style as a Heading 2 in the Styles list in MS Word so using Heading 2 anywhere in your blog post is probably not a good idea. For topic titles I recommend Heading 3, Normal for body text and Intense Emphasis for notes and callouts with the keywords / phrases in bold.

Figure 2. Font Styles, Colors and Sizes as they appear in Microsoft Word before publishing to SharePoint Blog.
After publishing we end up with changed Font Styles, Colors and Sizes most things appearing larger than they did in MS Word, however some appear smaller. So it’s good to know in advance what those changes will look like so that you and your readers are not “unpleasantly” surprised by the format of the new content you have just published to your SharePoint Blog.

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