Being Agile

Thursday February 2nd 2023   Register | Tell Me More

“Software projects are 62% more likely to be successful when utilizing Agile Scrum Techniques”

Traditional project management processes can create major problems in the fast-paced world of software development.

In this Webinar, attendees will learn and apply Agile based project management methodology, specifically designed for software development—Scrum.

Key Topics discussed in this 60 Minute webinar

  • Traditional Solution Development
    • Planned future
    • Development waterfall
    • The need for a smaller product increment
  • Being Agile
    • The Agile Manifesto
    • Agile Software Delivery
    • The Agile Team
    • Agile Planning
  • For the Scrum of it
    • Scrum Ceremonies
    • The Backlog
    • User Stories
    • Acceptance Criteria
    • Delivery Team Tasks
    • Sizing User Stories
    • Defining Done
  • Being Continuous
    • Continuous Integration
    • Continuous Inspection
    • Continuous Delivery
    • Continuous Deployment
    • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Collaboration
    • Requirements and Acceptance
    • Feedback Early and Often

Who should attend this webinar?

Anyone and Everyone involved in the development of software.


  • Software Developers
  • Project Managers
  • IT Operations Leaders
  • Quality Assurance Product Owners
  • Business Analysts
  • Strategic Leaders
  • You

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