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Layered Cake

Slicing User Stories Method 4

Slicing by Acceptance Criteria Many User Stories contain a number of explicit or implicit Business Rules usually represented as Acceptance Criteria. If a User Story is so large or complex that we could not complete it in a single sprint we can consider slicing the User Story by its Business Rules or Acceptance Criteria. If we use …

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Install Java Development Kit

To get started with Java Development and follow along with the ProDataMan Agile and DevOps samples and demos using Open Source tools you first need to download and install the Java Development Kit (JDK) You can find the link to download the JDK for you environment here: Select your operating system and CPU type …

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What is Continuous Delivery

First let’s talk about the acronyms CI, CD and CD…  This whole CI / CD thing causes all sorts of confusion.  First CI is Continuous Integration, for a definition see my previous post here: What is Continuous Integration.  CD, now that’s a little trickier…  CD is either Continuous Delivery or Continuous Deployment depending on where …

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The increasing cost of technical debt

The Increasing Cost of Technical Debt

The cost of defects increases exponentially as they slip down the delivery pipeline a shift left in quality, security and stability goes a long way toward reducing costs. We must make a shift left in quality, security and stability by surfacing defects earlier in the Delivery pipeline as defects get exponentially more expensive as they …

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