Intro to the DevOps Landscape

Why DevOps?

“81% of Enterprise-Level
Business Use DevOps”

Many companies encounter workflow problems across departments. This is especially apparent in interactions between the Development Team and IT Operations.

DevOps is a way of doing business that seeks to seamlessly cross silo barriers and utilize popular practices like Agile, Scrum, automated processes, and others.

DevOps gives you the framework and concrete methodology to help your organization develop code in a high-speed, organized, safe, and smoothly efficient way.

Why This Course?

“For businesses not using DevOps, the number #1 reason is ‘Lack of Experience”

In “DevOps for Strategic Leaders”,
you’ll learn how implementing DevOps can solve many of your current development challenges.

You’ll acquire a deeper understanding of how DevOps works and how to implement it in your organization.

Module 1:
High-Level DevOps Overview

·        Problems DevOps Solves
·        Understanding DevOps in a Nutshell
·        Agile Planning and Why it Works
·        Developing in an Agile Environment
·        Overview of Source and Version Control
·        Find Errors Easily with Test Driven Development and Automated Testing
·        Provide Early Warning with Continuous Integration and Continuous Inspection
·        Continuous Delivery for Safe and Fast Changes
·        Faster ROI with Continuous Deployment
·        Manage Risk with Continuous Monitoring

Module 2:
DevOps Culture and the Agile Methodology

·        Agile for Software Development
·        Scrum: What is it?
·        The Problems Agile Methodology Solves
·        Planning and Developing in an “Agile” Way
·        Test as You Go with Test Driven Development
·        Normalize Team Knowledge with Pair Programming

Module 3:
Functionality First: Test Driven Development

Improper and infrequent testing can lead to huge setbacks while the team tries to figure out what went wrong.

When testing is concurrent with code development, functionality is guaranteed in smaller cycles before moving on. This results in faster development and reduced uncertainty.

·        Problems with Traditional Development
·        Basics of Test Driven Development
·        Stages of the Test-Driven Structure
·        Intertwining Testing and Development
·        Automating the Testing Process
·        Bottom-Line Benefits from Early Bug Detection
·        Use Gated Check-in to Avoid Committing Bad code

Module 04
Avoiding Conflict and Merging Changes

·        How Teams can “Stomp” on Each Other
·        Source Control: Isolating Changes
·        Version Control: Check it Out!
·        Continuous Delivery and Versioning
·        Managing Source and Version Control in Relational Databases

Module 05
Integrating Work into the Build from Multiple Sources

·        Problems solved by Continuous Integration
·        How Does Continuous Integration Work?
·        Tools and Methodologies for Continuous Integration.
·        Triggering Processes
·        The Power of Automating Builds and Tests

Module 06
Continuous Delivery: Get Changes into Users’ Hands (safely and quickly)

·        Continuous Delivery: Proving that Change is Deployable
·        If it Hurts… Do it More!
·        Smile Through Reconfigurations with Programmable Infrastructure
·        Script Your Deployments and Patching Tasks
·        Maintain Product Performance with Configuration Management
·        Tracking and Record Keeping

Module 07
Automating Your Way to Deployment

·        Why DevOps Organizations Love Continuous Deployment
·        How to Protect Your Organization During Continuous Deployment
·        How to Baby-Step Your Way to Happiness

Module 08
DevOps Sounds Great. How Do I Make Happen?

·        Change Management: Introducing DevOps to your Organization
·        Building, Training, and Supporting Agile Teams
·        Building Accountability for Deployments
·        DevOps Resource Management
·        Developing a Tiered Training Plan
·        Batman and Robin: Pairing and Mentoring that Works
·        Checking and Adjusting for Success

– This workshop is malleable and may change to suit the needs of the audience.
– Customization, on site, and premium-style remote delivery are all available.
– Follow-up Coaching and Plan Guidance is available
– Statistics provided are from the RightScale 2016 State of the Cloud Survey

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