Continuous Delivery

Duration: 2-days
(call for multi-seat discounts)Why This Course?

Overall development costs
reduced by ~40%
Programs under development increased by ~140%
Development costs per program reduced by 78%

–        HP LaserJet Firmware Team,
after applying continuous delivery  Practices

Traditionally software release cycles are long and plodding affairs that lead to long time to market, inflexible features, and lots of bugs.

Continuous Delivery is a software development methodology that uses short release cycles and diligent testing to quickly produce feature driven software.

The nature of Continuous Delivery allows for reliable software that can be released at any time.

Who Should Take This Course?

Anyone and Everyone involved in the development of software.

Software Developers
Project Managers
Quality Assurance
Product Owners
Team Leaders

Workshop Deliverables and Skills

Module 1
What and Why of Continuous Delivery 

·        Problems Continuous Delivery Solves
·        How Continuous Delivery Works: An Overview
·        Continuous Delivery vs. Dev Ops
·        Why Developers Turn to Continuous Delivery
·        Behaviors That Hold Us Back: Anti-Patterns
·        Deliverable: Anti-Pattern Identifications for Your Organization

Module 2
Agile and Continuous Delivery – The Fit

·        The Secret of Agile Software Development
·        Why More and More Companies are “Agile”
·        Develop in One Place – IDE
·        Protecting the Source with Source Control
·        Test Early, Test Often – TDD
·        Batman and Robin: The Power of Pairing Up
·        Mapping Requirements with User Stories
·        Break Work into Chunks with Sprints

Module 3
Continuously Integrate Your Way to Continuous Delivery

·        Continuous Integration vs. Continuous Delivery
·        The Relationship between DevOps and Continuous Integration
·        Continuous Integration Overview
·        How Teams Perform Continuous Integration
·        How Continuous Integration Leads to Continuous Delivery
·        Skill-Builder: Plan a Continuous Integration Build

Module 4
Setting Up a Continuous Delivery Environment

·        Protect the Build with Version Control
·        Automate as Much as Possible: Builds, Testing, and Acceptance
·        Getting Code from a Software Repository
·        Managing Dependencies and Environments
·        Deliverable: Opportunity Identification and Action List

Module 5
Getting Software to Users: The Deployment Pipeline

·        The Benefits of a Structured Deployment Pipeline
·        How Continuous Delivery Deployment Pipelines Work
·        Committing Code to the Build
·        Why Unit Tests Aren’t Enough: Gated Acceptance Tests
·        Speeding Delivery with Automated Deployment
·        The Stages of Testing in Deployment
·        How to Set Up a Deployment Pipeline
·        Available and Helpful Tools
·        Deploying with Automation and Scripting
·        Deliverable: Deployment Pipeline Map for Your Organization

Module 6
Catch Bugs Early and Often with Automated Testing 

·        Acceptance Testing vs. Unit Testing
·        Designing and Automating Acceptance and Unit Tests
·        Testing for Capacity
·        Test Faster with Parallel Testing
·        Refactoring to Improve Performance without Changing Features
·        Real-Life Skill Builder: Create and Execute an Automated Test

Module 7
Continuous Deployment 

·        Releasing vs. Deploying Software
·        How Continuous Delivery Fits with Continuous Deployment
·        Deploying Virtually for Speed and Cost
·        Rolling Back Deployments
·        Deliverable: Deployment Resource Management Plan

Module 8
Making Continuous Delivery Work at Your Organization  

·        Managing Essential Components
·        Getting Operations Onboard and In the Loop
·        Maintaining Consistency
·        Working with Cloud Components and Infrastructure
·        Expected Maintenance
·        Real Life Skill-Builder: Role Playing Change Management Conversations

Module 9
Organizing Your Continuous Delivery Implementation     

·        Managing Key Aspects
·        Mapping Component Dependencies
·        Version Control Choices to Make
·        The Idea of Branching Tree Development
·        Controlling the Mainline
·        Deliverable: Preliminary Choices for Your Continuous Delivery Implementation

Module 10
Risk Management in Continuous Delivery  

·        Risk Management: A Defined Process
·        Common Continuous Delivery Challenges and Snags
·        How Documentation Saves the Day
·        Keeping Continuous Delivery Running
·        Deliverable: Risk Identification Matrix For Your Team

Module 11
What’s Next?     

·        Taking the First Steps
·        Challenges You May Face from People
·        Showing Quick Value
·        Continuing Your Education: What Makes Sense for Your and Your Organization
·        Deliverable: What’s Next Plan

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