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Detecting Mobile Devices
Monitoring Team Foundation Server
CSS3 Browser Compatibility Check
Check HTML5 Support for current browser
CSS3 Multiple Columns
Tag prefixes to make columns work in Chrome and Safari
HTML 5 Browser Compatibility Chart
TFS Performance Report Pack
Monitor the performance of your team foundation server(s)
Works on 2005, 2008 and 2010
Split a Team Project Collection
Move a Team Project Collection
C# Naming Standards
General Naming Conventions
Guidelines for Names
Mobile Application Framework
AutoTab Demo
Zip file containing Default.aspx that demonstrates moving the focus to the next control when the maxlength is met
SAP Connection from VS.Net 2005 or 2008
This solution requires that an assembly be created with the SAP connnector for .Net (version 2003)
SAP.Net connector same solution (a better article)
Authentication Concepts
Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM)
Use ADAM for extranet users to avoid giving external users permissions to internal resources by adding them to active directory
Silverlight Web Platform Download
Silverlight Resource Kit
Ajax Control Toolkit - Download
Active Directory in ASP.Net
Check if Javascript enabled in Browser
Difference between Web Application and Website
Datagrid Custom Paging
Connection String Properties
Paging and Sorting in a GridView w/out DataSource control
Silverlight Designer View not Working - The Fix
Change font color in combo box text
Web.Config Transformation
Create Web.Debug.Config and Web.Release.Config files to switch from Debug to Release configuration on deployment
Dot Net Junkies
Pass Values between pages
Pass data between pages without using querystring
Code Snippets Tips
Download Visual Studio Express
.Hitler at a sprint review
Download Eclipse