As your organization embarks on the road to change in the 21st century, Professional Data Management can help define, design, build, implement, and manage enterprise level business solutions. How do we deliver value to the client? Through understanding the upfront business processes, the long term goals, and delivering a solution that leverages the full power of Microsoft .NET Technologies to bring added value to the organization. From developing N-Tier Applications, to Information Security, to Enterprise Integration, Professional Data Management helps lower the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and maximize the return on IT investment. We build solutions that are reliable, scalable, and secure using a framework developed from years of experience. The result: on time, on budget, wins to the client.

DevOps Transformations

Brain dump on DevOps for Executives, Directors and Team Leads planning to implement DevOps within their organizations. ​Plug into the Matrix and dive into this experience of drinking from the DevOps firehose. When you unplug from the DevOps Matrix you will not know Kung-Fu but you will be up to speed on all things DevOps from Agile Development and Test Driven Development to Continuous Integrations, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment because this workshop touches on everything.

Agile Development

Gain a solid understanding of the Agile Scrum methodology, and best practices for Creating User Stories, Estimating Story Points, User Story Slicing, Test Driven Development and Continuous Integration

Knowledge Transfer

What good is a ground breaking solution if no one knows how to use it? This is why our consultants are not JUST geeks! OK well maybe a few of them, but for the most part our consultants are also Trainers and/or Artists with actual people skills!!

Delivery Pipeline Optimization

 Streamline the path from Idea to Business Value in the hands of your customers. Remove roadblocks and bottlenecks, automate long running manual and error prone tasks to maximize the flow through your delivery pipeline.

Agile Development

 Need to get up to speed on a new technology but can’t take the whole team offsite for trainng? Your backlog doesnt stop growing just becuase you are offsite for training. Mentors can shadow your team and provide value in the form of timely solutions and indepth knowledge of the problem domain.

Knowledge Transfer

 Build content that showcases your organizations key capabilities. Provide useful and timely information without being too salesy