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Nov 03
Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Obviously the first step in creating a successful blog is your blog's basic content. However, it doesn't matter what your blog says if you're not getting this great content to the appropriate audience. Here are 10 simple ways to increase the traffic to your blog.

Social Media:

                The easiest way to get your information out there is through people who already know and trust you. Sharing your content on your own personal social media while asking them to share it for you as well is wonderful when done in moderation. Facebook will be your best bet for reaching your personal followers, while twitter will be more useful in reaching your targeted audience with the use of hashtags and being able to tag others. LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram are all big social media sites that have a lot of traffic themselves. Of course, each type of blog is going to have a targeted audience that they can reach better with specific social media sites; however, you are still going to want to post on other sites to help bring in new readers to help expand your following. Make sure that your presence on social media is not just for self-promotion, people connect more with people, not spam-bots.

Share Multiple Times:

                On top of sharing your blog in multiple social media sites you are going to want to share the same post multiple times. Timing is truly everything for sharing successfully. You are not only going to want to share your blog posts at the right time of day to reach your audience's best sharing potential, but also making sure that you are separating your promotions enough to where you are reaching different groups of people. When creating your blog, you want to make sure it has evergreen content, meaning it was still be relevant in later times to come. Sharing your old posts again will also help keep your content and name relevant. We're not just talking about sharing your blog every few hours, posting your older blogs months down the line will still be helpful. Newer readers may have come along and missed these blog posts or find something that they know somebody else would enjoy.

Targeted Distribution:

                This goes along with sharing on social media. Your time as a blogger is valuable and you want to spend most of it creating killer content. Sharing it to an appropriate audience should take up another good chunk of your time. When sharing on social media sites, like Twitter for example, you can easily search for tweets including specific words or topics. You now have a new network of people who are already interested in the content you are providing. Reaching out to influencers who are interested in content like yours for a review of your blog would increase your chance of them potentially sharing it to their trusted followers. Guest blogging on others' blog posts or even having a guest blogger will help bring your content to a completely new audience. When you mention experts and/or influencers it will not only grab others attention but will always make those specific people feel more inclined to read and promote your blog.

Link Other Blogs:

                When you are mentioning other people or even doing your own research to better your content linking blogs you found interesting or helpful helps show a deeper connection to your targeted community. Surely, you would think linking somebody else's blog would take away traffic from your own, but when you link other people's blogs and reach out to them and let them know you have done so you begin to build a relationship with them. Connecting with other bloggers will help grow your own knowledge and get you the feedback you need to continue growing. Something so simple as a tweet linking a blog you found interesting could potentially lead to new readers of your blog who started their search for the person's blog you shared. With that being said, you should always have a link to your own blog in your social media profiles where it is easy for people to access when they view your pages.

Participate in Your Targeted Community

                Utilizing social media goes beyond just sharing your content. If you overshare people will grow tired of your profiles and eventually unfollow or just distrust you. When you participate in discussions and comment sections of other blogs it helps make your presence noticeable. This gives you an opportunity to truly understand what kind of content would help your blog be the most successful because you are seeing firsthand what the people are wanting and what they already have. Instead of only mentioning somebody on social media to read your blog also invite them in to discussions on other posts. Tagging people in something you think they might think is interesting shows that you are there to build a connection with them based off similar interests. The more posts you can connect people with, especially ones you personally find interesting, the more they will trust your opinion which will in turn draw them to your posts.

Send Emails:

                Some people might think that email is outdated but email is still what so many people will always fall back on. Emails are private yet still much more personal than a tweet or a Facebook post addressing everybody. To keep your emails personal, you want to keep this short and simple without too much visual contents. Giving your email list the link and just a quick insight on why they should check out this post is all you need to keep them coming back. Think your readers have missed a few posts? Try creating a newsletter that includes all your posts from not only that week but maybe a few older posts in case people missed out! You can even add in interesting blogs from other bloggers who you connect with. When reaching back out to people you want to make sure you are watching for originally missed or just didn't open your email. You are going to want to change your subject lines to help target those missed opportunities. Also, you can add your blog link to your email signature. That way no matter what kind of email you are sending you are creating curiosity and the possibility of new viewers.

Content Promotion Sites:

                Using social media will be helpful for building your personal relationships and presence. It never hurts to get straight to the point though. Sites such as Reddit, Quora, Voat, Slashdot, Newsvine, and Y Combinator are all made specifically for people to post their content and create discussions. These sites will give you the opportunity for people to reach out to you and give you feedback and an opportunity to truly dive into your community. With sites like this other users can easily type in what they are looking for and the best related information will pop up. So now you have gone out of your way to intrigue people and you can let your content work its magic. Following what other blogs and links hold their ratings on these sites should help you understand what information and the way it is presented is bringing in the most traffic. Using sites like this will help build your reputation as a blogger and just a participating part of the community.


                Search engine optimization is an easy way to draw in traffic simply from people searching on Google and other search engines. You aren't going to want to overload your blog with a bunch of little keywords that could potentially draw away from your point. Choosing the proper key words that may not hit quite as much but a specific search is what will be the most successful. Long-tail keywords are the keyword phrases that include three to four words, this will bring your exact audience directly to your information. You are going to want your keyword to be prominently used throughout your whole blog and in your headers and titles. Of course, when using your keywords, you are going to want to keep it flowing naturally, it's like oversharing on your social media. You may think that your content will just automatically find its way to a search engine, but to ensure that it makes it way you are better off submitting it yourself. Google XML Sitemap plugin and Ping-O-Matic work for this.

Repurpose Content:

                Everybody absorbs their information in different ways. A good way to keep reoccurring traffic to your blog is to give them different ways to take in this information. Maybe you've got some new readers that don't necessarily have the time to sit and read your blog, if you offer an audio version or podcast they could take it on the go or even read along for those who need to see and hear to truly take in their information. You can go beyond just mentioning experts and lead an interview with them, providing a good dialogue far better than just quoting them. Infographs are an easy way to get your main points out with eye grabbing photos. If you're offering "How To" information, then you could create a webinar or tutorials that way people can always see it being done first hand and have a better reference. For those who don't mind being in front of the camera, you could even try your hand at YouTube videos.

Give Offers:

                My last finding is one of the oldest tricks in the books, offering something people don't have. If you've got them as far as your blog, you should have a pretty good idea of what kind of things interests your readers. You could offer them a free download for an e-book that you found helpful in your fronts for creating your content. Creating a free guide has proven to be helpful across the boards. If people are already coming to you for information why would they turn down more free insight? Also, to help bring in more email subscribers offer to share exclusive information only available to those on your email list. If you continuously offer them new information, not only your blog's content but an extra offer people will continue to come back to see what new offers you have for them. People are naturally curious and love all the free content they can find, what easier way to end your blog?